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Many of today’s organizations lack the resources needed to independently manage IoT. As a result of distributed data processing tasks and complex networking requirements, these initiatives often experience downtime, financial waste, and unreliable connectivity that jeopardize valuable business opportunities. However, finding a vendor solution can be almost as difficult – after all, the definition of IoT typically changes from one provider to the next.

With almost three million hardware units shipped and more than 23,000 customers ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense to smart city initiatives all around the globe, Cradlepoint is making IoT management and orchestration easier through cloud-delivered, cellular network solutions. The vendor’s comprehensive approach contrasts many of IoT’s point-based software solutions to provide increased bandwidth and connectivity to its customers. Here is a summary of the primary capabilities Cradlepoint offers:

  • Network management platform and services
  • Network edge operating system
  • Software-defined virtual network perimeter protection
  • Branch network software and services
  • Mobile network software and services
  • IoT network software and services
  • Endpoint hardware

While this list offers a brief overview of Cradlepoint’s IoT offering, it shouldn’t be considered exhaustive. The vendor offers a variety of hardware, software, and systems integration solutions not included above that your organization can explore as needed. However, this list proves Cradlepoint’s extensive IoT experience and displays its networking-as-a-service model’s ability to rapidly accelerate IoT deployment and data management tasks.

Cradlepoint’s IoT solution is unique to the industry because it focuses on cellular connectivity – specifically 5G wireless networking – to create a more consistent and reliable solution than traditional Wi-Fi-fueled methods. By doing so, the vendor can satisfy the needs of both small and large businesses within the context of their existing technology management systems through either on-premise or cloud-based service delivery. That way, enterprise IoT investments can be made incrementally rather than as a whole to provide faster, more targeted business value.

Another benefit of Cradlepoint’s IoT networking and connectivity solutions is the ability to manage a blend of sensor and manual data. The vendor’s software makes it possible for enterprises to more effectively and efficiently scale mass communications, automate service tasks, and apply machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to create predictive diagnostics and trend analysis capabilities.

This not only creates opportunities to add the business value IoT generates to areas outside of IT, but gives organizations a deeper understanding of their technology investment ROI and a way to simplify the complex, resource-intensive implementation processes they currently perform. AOTMP® Research views these features as essential for those who wish to increase IoT expertise in a manner that can be used to overcome today’s most important business challenges.

Cradlepoint’s go-to-market efforts are heavily reliant on the vendor’s global network of channel partners and resellers. While the organization does sell its IoT solutions directly to customers, it uses some of the industry’s most advanced managed services providers, system integrators, and technology distributors to satisfy customers’ comprehensive scope of connectivity needs.

The combination Cradlepoint’s machine-, sensor-, and device-focused solutions and significant research and development initiatives make its IoT offering appealing to a variety of industries and use cases. AOTMP® Research recommends organizations evaluate the vendor to determine whether its hardware, software, and systems integration services can help establish the reliable, consistent connectivity many currently seek.

IoT Configurations/Services Offered*:

  • Equipment/Device – A provider of physical infrastructure and endpoints.
  • Software – A provider of applications used in the fixed and mobile telecom environment.
  • Systems Integrator/VAR – A provider that delivers products and services as part of a comprehensive fixed and mobile networking solution.

*As of July 2019

Market Segments Served:

  • SMB
  • Enterprises
  • Strategic/Multi-Nationals

Top 3 Vertical Markets:

  • Retail
  • Government – Federal, State & Local
  • Manufacturing


Public or Private: Private

Company Annual Revenue: Not Disclosed

Leadership Team

  • George Mulhern, CEO & Chairman of the Board
  • Val Heusinkveld, COO
  • Ian Pennell, CPO
  • Todd Krautkremer, CMO
  • Todd Kelly, CSO
  • Ryan Adamson, Co-Founder & SVP, America Sales
  • Lindsay Notwell, SVP of 5G Strategy & Global Carrier Operations
  • Pankaj Malhotra, SVP of Engineering
  • Don Baumgartner, SVP of Operations

Geographies Served*:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • South/Central America
  • Middle East/Africa

*As of July 2019

Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Status: Not Yet Certified