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As a vendor-agnostic professional services firm, Metova does much more than IoT – but IoT stands out as a staple offering as Metova guides organizations through digital transformation efforts.

The conversations Metova holds with prospects and clients, though, do not revolve around implementing technology such as IoT just because it’s exciting and shiny. Rather, the vendor evaluates, in depth, the organization’s needs and the disruption it faces. This exploration, which helps Metova to understand the business and its goals, allows Metova to then propose the most ideal solution – which may or may not call for IoT, regardless of what the prospect or customer had in mind.

In other words, Metova is intent on making sure any technology deployment truly will serve the customer and create a path for growth. In fact, if Metova determines it may not be the right fit for a client, the vendor will suggest other providers to vet. This holistic approach of business value before profit is exactly the approach that AOTMP® Research endorses because it leads to the greatest success for organizations and vendors alike.

When it comes to IoT, Metova’s expertise lies in creating the architecture, developing the software that powers sensors, and structuring and implementing the overall project. From water meters to non-traditional wireless sensors and technologies, the vendor’s IoT solution ensures devices can connect cheaply, reliably, and across distributed networks to deliver the right information at the right time. Metova is innovating unique IoT implementations to make futuristic technology like low-range, wide-area networks (LoRa WAN) a reality.

Metova also boasts a large U.S. water utility as a customer; the vendor built a smart meter strategy to eliminate in-person readings. Now, the meters send data automatically, even over long distances, which saves the utility time and money, and increases accuracy.

Finally, Metova also shepherded a century-old door lock company from offering just legacy, manual locks to also providing next-generation, connected versions powered by the internet of things. This gives the manufacturer a new competitive edge, expands its potential customer base

The above examples illustrate exactly the kinds of outcomes IoT should bring about. To achieve that, again, Metova takes the time to dig into what will really work best for an organization before it talks solutions. In some cases, that even means the vendor attends customer board meetings to address any member questions or concerns. In all cases, Metova works closely with the client in ways that AOTMP® Research views as essential to solving business problems with technology.

Metova tends to work with established organizations that are not necessarily technology-focused, that have at least tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and that are undertaking digital transformation but need assistance and expertise. AOTMP® Research recommends that enterprises, nonprofits and other entities fitting these specifications consider Metova for their IoT and overall digital transformation requirements.

Market Segments Served:

  • SMB
  • Enterprises
  • Strategic/Multi-Nationals

Top 3 Vertical Markets:

  • Professional Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Finance


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  • Josh Smith, CEO
  • Jonathan Sasse, President & Chief Marketing Officer

Geographies Served*:

  • North America

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