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Louisville, Ky.

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As Telecom Expense Management (TEM) evolves and organizations integrate increasingly advanced technologies, finding an ideal solution is no easy feat. Enterprises must search through thousands of potential partners to not only identify feature sets and functionalities that align with strategic business objectives, but uncover a vendor capable of delivering an impactful Return On Investment (ROI).

Tellennium stands out from the TEM crowd because it doesn’t just deliver a positive ROI to clients – it guarantees one. This solution combines the industry’s longest standing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms,  an open and configurable architecture, and inventory management expertise to create a TEM solution that delivers dramatic efficiency gains and contractually obligated ROI of at least 110% through savings identification, a robust offering of managed services, and industry-leading audits that deliver insights in real-time. Below is a brief list of capabilities Tellennium offers potential clients:

  • SD-WAN bill consolidation, contract management, and support
  • Tellennium’s Integrated Management System (TIMS)®
  • Management of Things™ (
  • Inventory Service Management
  • Audit and Optimization professional services
  • AP Process Management
  • Mobility Optimization and Management
  • Consulting Services

The above capabilities are a summary of Tellennium’s TEM offering. AOTMP® Research recommends organizations looking for an integrated technology management solution explore this vendor’s full suite of managed services to understand how Tellennium can optimize expense management practices – whether an organization needs help with telecom, cloud, utilities, or something else entirely. The essential takeaway, however, is that this vendor’s TIMS platform is a unique procure-to-pay solution that bridges the traditional gaps and complexities where procurement, auditing, and complex service delivery is concerned – regardless of how broad the scope of payments involved or exceptions to be managed is. This will become essential as enterprises look for one solution to optimize expenses and workflows across their entire technology management environment.

Another advantage Tellennium’s TEM solution offers is its potential as a single integration point between organizations and their myriad of payment processors and services. The vendor’s open and configurable architecture makes it possible to identify business rules and variables from numerous sources to perform cost savings tasks in real-time across more than strictly TEM initiatives. Additionally, this software-driven offering is backed by experts that average 25 years of industry experience, ensuring audit and IT Service Management integration results are seamlessly performed and optimized beyond the capabilities any competitor can offer. No wonder it processes an industry-leading 80% of total client invoice payments!

Perhaps the single greatest differentiator for Tellennium is its ability to demonstrate immediate value through a service-oriented approach that helps CIOs balance expense reduction and staff augmentation initiatives. This vendor’s platform can handle customer practices of any size, and typically make client investments budget-neutral – if not budget-positive – from the first engagement. AOTMP® Research sees offerings like Tellennium’s as increasingly important as IT budgets tighten and technology management teams seek single-platform solutions to uncover savings opportunities across the growing diversity of expense management.

Tellennium has been one of the United States’ fastest growing private companies since 2007 by primarily  selling its TEM solution through word-of-mouth. Though the vendor relies on a channel partner program to support its go-to-market strategy, Tellennium operates independently in all service delivery engagements. It also leverages a small selection of external technology partners to engage with global carriers and vendors it hasn’t supported before, but the vendor’s solution boasts integration capabilities that enable clients to integrate its platform and managed services offering into any existing environment.

All in all, AOTMP® Research recommends organizations evaluate Tellennium to understand how this organization’s proven solution can provide never-before-seen levels of expertise, efficiency, and savings – whether help is needed in a TEM capacity or another technology management practice instead.

Market Segments Served:

  • SMB
  • Large/Strategic
  • Multi-Nationals

Top 3 Vertical Markets:

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Utilities/Energy


Public or Private: Private

Company Annual Revenue: Not Disclosed

Leadership Team

  • Greg McIntyre, President & CEO
  • Jim Carroll, CRO
  • Matt McIntyre, VP, Invoice Services
  • Robert Christian, VP, Business Development

Geographies Served*:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • South/Central America
  • Middle East/Africa

*As of September 2019

Efficiency First® Vendor Solution Certification Status: Not Yet Certified